Front Wiper Blade Blades Alighment

Today I decided to take off my wiper blades, they were rusting.

Anyways I cleaned them off and put the wipers together,
now I put back on the wipers
i put the wipers on - ‘hand tightend’
and well basically the right one diddn’t move at all, i think i might of bolted the left one on.

Anyways the left will work when hood is open, when closed i think it might be hitting the bottom of the hood, whcih i saw once and tried to move it a little, did not work.

any special way i need to aligh theses so they work properly, I know that the wiper blade motor 99.9% works,

does it matter if I had accidently switched the left wiper w/ the right wiper? Yes no? any help would be appreciated, I live in oregon and well, i’ll be screwed when it rains probably TOMMOROW. Thanks!!!

As long as you kept the actual wiper blades on the arms, it would be difficult to get the arms mixed up. The driver’s side BLADE is longer and sweeps out a larger area.

As for it hitting the hood, I had that problem too. The arms are picky as to how they’re tightened. If you tighten them (the nuts) too much they bulge upward off the glass (thus hitting the hood) ; same thing goes if you don’t tighten them enough.

A good trick to keep them aligned is to have a dirty windshield before you take off the wipers, since the dirt buildup leaves a nice clean line you can reference later.

A good way to torque down the wipers is to hand tighten, then push down on the pivoting “elbow” as you tighten some more with a socket wrench. You’ll know if they’re to tight if you break the plastic cap right below the nut :slight_smile: so be careful not to do that. If they aren’t tight enough, the motor will still turn, but obviously the wiper won’t move.