FS: Custom .308

Just on the off chance someone here may be looking…

Rem 700 (was a 5R originally), trued up by Controlled Chaos Arms, Brux tube MTU contour chambered .308 and installed by CCA. Badger lug. DD ross knob on a straight bolt handle tigged on by ITD. McMillan A5 (33/33/34 black/tan/OD green), thumbwheel cheek, seekins bottom metal with one 5-round AICS mag. Seekins 20moa rail. CCA tuned the factory trigger, around 2.5-3 pound pull weight. I never really bothered to find out exactly where it is, cause it’s really nice. About 150 rounds down the tube. Has a YHM brake for QD phantom can but that can be removed and a thread protector put on. Asking $1800 shipped/insured, in a hard case–and if that’s honestly too much, send me an offer and we’ll go from there. USPS MO only on this one. I’ll sell gun parts thru paypal, but not full firearms.

The gun (glass not included):

200-yard group with called flyer, 178 AMAX & RL-15:

Cross-posted. Timestamp to an “i’ll take it” post is deciding factor.