FS: NC - 1992 Acura Integra GS-R Shell – Clean!

Name: Jonathan

Location: Jacksonville, NC

Means of Contact (PM? Email? Phone?): PM or txt/call nineonezerofivefoursixeightsevenfourone

Year - Make - Model - Trim Level (E.G. 1997 Honda Civic EX): 1992 Acura Integra GS-R

Miles: 260k

Price: 1800obo

Title Type: Clear

Activities: Daily Beater , Drag Racing , Circuit Track , Show Car , McDonalds drive thru

Smoked In?: No

Picture Included In Message: Box? (MUST have one picture minimum or thread will be deleted): Yes

The Bad: Engine, trans, and dash harness not included. That’s it. Car was disassembled for wire tuck and hardcore chassis mods, but it is being put back together starting tonight.

The Good: Shell is very clean and complete. Has light functional/tasteful suspension and exterior mods. Great chassis to drop a motor in if you’re after something rare and clean. Body is pretty much flawless.

I hate to do this, and I’m sure I’ll be kicking myself for it later, but up for sale is a really clean ’92 GS-R shell. The only reason I’m getting rid of it is because I can’t have two cars right now. I bought this from allmotarex on here a while ago. I have a clean title in hand, along with a lot of service records and even the original acura window sticker. This is a perfect car for someone wanting a clean (I must stress this! Herracrean!) DB2 GSR for cheap. Phone pics do not do this car justice. Come see it in person, and let’s work something out. You will not be disappointed. NO TRADES UNLESS THEY INVOLVE @ LEAST 1k CASH!.. even then, the answer is probably no. Doesn’t hurt to try, though. Just being honest…

Sorry for the crappy pics. I will post better ones very soon…

Comes with:

-A very clean practically rust-free chassis, with all original badging, VTEC side moldings, GSR rear brake light spoiler, a clean set of JDM one piece headlights, dark amber bumper turn signal lights, and extremely rare front bumper license plate plugs. Front end looks REALLY good!

-Full GSR specific interior, including clean full dash, original gauge cluster with 9k tach, carpet, floormats, really clean seats, and even has a really rare matching USDM armrest.

-Full, complete suspension, which has an entire Energy Suspension master polyurethane bushing kit installed. Has practically brand new Skunk2 front upper control arm camber kit installed (seriously maybe 50 miles on them), also comes with oglesport (hq rare parts!) rear lower tie bar and rear upper strut bar. May also come with an oglesport c-pillar brace that was just powdercoated flat black by Exotics Inc., if it can recovered from being lost in the mail. I hope I get that back, it makes the car look REALLY aggressive! Lowered on unknown springs and I’m guessing stock shocks. I was gonna get a koni/GC setup, but I never made it that far. Drop looks good though, no stock 4x4 look haha. Tie rods, front bearings, and lower ball joints have been replaced since I’ve owned it (along with LOTS of other small things). Also comes with a brand new set of OEM Honda trailing arm bushings. Steering has a proper manual conversion setup, complete with tilton brake fluid reservoir and aeroquip fittings.

-Full 4-wheel disc brakes with a proper ABS to manual conversion. Master cylinder, 40/40 prop valve, and all hard lines were taken from an LS/RS teg (it took forever to remove them all without bending ‘em!) Still have all of the original ABS parts if wanted. ABS to manual conversion saves a ton of weight. The pic below is just part of the manual conversion.

I also have the original B17 bare block, and a really clean B17 crank, but I’m not selling either with the car, unless we can work something out that’s fair. I’m not just going to throw them in with the car. Sorry. Because I have the original window sticker that has the engine code on it, it can be proven that this B17 block is original to the car. Original B17 trans has been sold.

I will be putting the car back together starting tonight, and will update accordingly with pics.

Thanks for looking,

Here’s some more pics of the progress. Non-ABS brake system lines have been installed, and the rest of the ABS system has been cleanly removed. This saves soo much weight, and I actually prefer the feel of these cars without ABS. All the ABS wiring has been properly depinned, and not cut for a clean removal. I’m working on the car all night, and will post a massive update of pics tomorrow. No srsly.


still for sale, more pics located here:

I dont understand why you took it apart to “restore” it. That car was hella clean to begin with.

1800obo is still alot just for a shell. once that motor is out of the car. its basically 500-800 dollars on top of that mostly everthing in the car is gone!.
With that said, i hope someone buy this db2 and fix her up

Clean shell. Worth everypenny cause its got quality work. Hope you get what your asking for and goes to a good owner. Glws

Clean shell. Worth everypenny cause its got quality work. Hope you get what your asking for and goes to a good owner. Glws

gsr shell

car still for sale??