FS: Remington model seven, 7SAUM, fx-ii 6x36, dies, brass, ammo

$1200 includes everything pictured, which is rifle, scope, dies, 108 pieces of brass (106 pictured; found two more in the tumbler after snapping these), MTM short mag 50-round flip-top box, and 9 factory rounds of Remington premier 150-grain PSP. MD residents, cash & carry with signed bill of sale (includes statement that you’re not precluded from owning firearms, and your DL number/address WILL be written on it). Outside MD, all but rifle ships to you; rifle goes to your favorite FFL as soon as I get a copy of their license. :up:

barreled action is bedded in a McMillan Remington Classic pattern stock in 50/50 black/white McSwirly pattern. Puts 162 AMAX into about 3/4" at 200 yards as long as you’re not a retard when it comes to shooting rifles. Trigger is a clean crisp 2.5 pounds.

If only this were up 2 months ago. I would have come and bought that off you. But, you were deployed at that time, right?

The whole thing looks sweet, and a pretty damn good deal.

Yes’m. Got back the 20th. Going with a 6-pound 7-08. :up:

aaaaaand sold pending funds. :up: