fs so cal: bronze glass db1....all four doors $250.00 obo

here we go i have a full set of bronze glass for a db1 comes w all hardware although they are the same pieces you will be removing to get you stock glass out. anyways hit me up for any questions or for pics 90nine 23 six0 3 five 9. might have the windshield and rear glass later. prefer not to ship…ITS GLASS.

Will you ship to 91765? haha

sure will but its gonna cost you a mint …lmao


For the homie . . .

damn… might need to find me a db1 first.


can i pay you in trident layers

:stuck_out_tongue: jk

[QUOTE=da9leo;2267306]can i pay you in trident layers

:stuck_out_tongue: jk[/QUOTE]
now see thats what im talking bout… a descent offer but u would have to add a 24 pack of CORONA…JK…These are STILL for sale

how much to ship to 06606 ct??

bronze glass

[QUOTE=Coco_DA7;2267970]how much to ship to 06606 ct??[/QUOTE]…ill get the quote tomoorow, have to find a box to fit.

bronze glass

send me an email...jwitherspoon111@yahoo.com


i checked jus now, nothing there. leave me your email…

Bump . . .


bump for rare item. only if you were in canada.

bronze glass



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Yo james if these bad boys are still up for sale I will be glad to take them off your hands to put on my gsr. hit me up on my new number so we can talk this over. 619 971 6604