FS:SoCal Massive Partout, JDM and premium parts

Not as massive, but still good stuff

-Virgin USDM P30 ECU ($300)
-B17 Engine Harness ($180)
-Type R inner and outer valve springs (make an offer)
-DA6 14" rims ($50)
*shipping not included and I do take Paypal.

Would love some pictures of both bars (front and rear) and the thin side moldings. Also interested in the P30. what are you looking to get for the ecu

I will get pics up as soon as I can. This stuff is going to sell quick, especially that Vision Bar. Honestly, I paid about $300 for the P30. Shoot me an offer that you feel would be reasonable on it. It still has the plugs on it and pig tails long enough to make your own jumper harness. Let me know.

Miles on the skunk 2 front camber kit? And pics of the rear greddy bar? Prices? I’m very interested


In for pics of the center console!

Whats teh conversion kit that comes with that rack? The ones that someone sold on here? And would you seperate?

That is the same kit. Separate? Maybe. I want to try and sell the whole car.

More pics up soon….



I’m interested in the console.

Any broken tabs? Cupholders? Willing to ship? Let me know man.

Willing to ship on the center console. The plastic that attaches to the metal bracket has a chip on one of the legs. Does that make sense?? No cupholders. Email me your zip and I will shoot you a price on Monday. unified112^^^^^

Emailed, sir.

Emailed you as well.

I am interested in NRG hub with Lock. Where you located in So Cal?


I will try to get shipping rates out to you guys as soon as I can.

Pics of floor mats. And are they DA coupe specific?

Lmk if you will take 150 for harness shipped to TX

interested in pics of the floor mats…condition?

Which harness Harry-DC?? B17?? What is your zip? I will split the shipping on it if you are interested.

The car is gone, but I still have a few things left over. What is still available: P30 ECU, Wiring harnesses, JDM DA rims and the Type R inner and outer valve springs.