Fuction and Form Coilovers

Is anyone running them? I would like to know your experiences with them… Please let me know ASAP.


I’d like to hear about them too

trying to decide on either these, k-sport, or D2 coilovers. They all seem pretty similar /shrug

I noticed that The Function and Form ones have different adjustments for compresison AND rebound is what got me.

I’ve only heard good things about them from the guys at H-T and NWP as well. They’re reasonable in price as well. I’d say go for it.

Edit** Oh damn. The price went up on them. They used to go for $700. Try going to Honda Tech and finding the vendor over there. He cuts deals like a madman. He’s always used to sell them way lower than what the website says.

I got a set of them but they are the Type 1 not the 2 but I will let people know how they are after I get them installed today :slight_smile:

Good deal. let us know!

well I got them in earlier today and went driving around trying to find some good corners to test out but it was still kinda wet/misting so they plan didn’t work out so well but I really like these coilovers and they went in really easy. They are pretty easy to adjust and even though there is no “click” sound for the dampening it is pretty easy to get them all at the same level if you just go by the dials. But yeah I will try to get some pics up but I am still trying to figure out how to post them up…but I will get them up as soon as possible… and I really like these coilovers the ride is firm but not too bad and compared to my old set up it is a night and day difference…well if you guys have any questions I will try to help you out…later :slight_smile:

Meh, much to my own disbelief. I am not doing what I want with my car for once. I am taking others advice and going with the Koni/Custom Rate GC setup. For what I am trying to set the car up for, I have been told this is the way to go.

i wanted to buy those for a while… well post back w/ some pics and connering storys.

well I have driven on the things for alittle over 100 miles and I really like them…they got smoother as I drove more but now I feels like it is evening out and has a nice ride it is firm but it is not too firm and it still handles really well (well atleast better than my old set up). I was driving around near monroe on the “country” roads and they were fun before but now it is so so much better my car flys around the corners and it still feels very stable and it doesn’t feel like you are going that fast. Now I must admit that I am no expert on suspensions or the handling of them but I can say that I think these are a very good buy and would recommend these to people looking for an afordable, good handling, smooth riding coilover system. I will post more reviews as I drive more and I still need to figure out how to get pictures up but I am working on it just been alittle busy :)…