Fuel Cooler

Can a GSR b17A benefit from a fuel cooler. Denser fuel and air means more power right?


Will this help (HP/TQ/MPG)? I will also be figuring a way to draw in coller air (cai or moded air box)

All input is appreciated,

Please, anyone have advice

Please don’t let me make the mistake of putting something pointless on my engine.

Opionons on the cooler are appreciated


I think thats more for carb’d cars. Unless you have a problem with vapor lock? waste of $$$.

that particular fuel cooler wouldn’t help you very much at all… there are different ones that would, and I’ve seen HP gains from them… like the moroso super cooler and other ones that you can add ice water to cool the fuel… they just take up alot of space and I don’t see where you could put one in a G2 integra… i had one in my CRX but there’s much more room in the engine bay without all the accessories… hope this helps

they just take up alot of space and I don’t see where you could put one in a G2 integra

What the moroso super cooler, and other icewater coolers? Or are you talking about that big tranny cooler looking thing I showed you.

W/ the moroso super cooler, what gains have you seen (dyno), if you remember? Also does the water or ice heta up too quick, and loose it’s cooling properties.

Also how would you go about hooking one up on a G2 GSR?


I was talking about the ice water coolers… not the air cooled radiator style ones… the gains aren’t very much, I think just a couple of HP on import FI cars… but on carb’ed cars they can make alot more… the ice/water will melt and reach room or air temp probably after a couple of hours… not really something you would want to do on daily driver street machine… and i too have a G2 GSR and haven’t really thought about where you could fit it cuz it’s pretty tight like i said earlier and I did it on my CRX cuz it’s pretty much my drag car