Fuel filter or pump?

Okay… my fuel pressure is doing some really weird shit. Pretty sure it’s caused me to burn a valve (see http://www.g2ic.com/forums/showthread.php?t=94939 for a pic of the plugs I pulled). I made a short movie clip of what it’s doing.

Had the vacuum hooked up at first, then disconnected it. what’s concerning me is the way the pressure randomly drops by 5-10 psi. B&M FPR, though right now it’s set at the upper end of stock specs (motor is stock except for a CAI and the fpr… previous owner put it on).

Check out the video clip. 1.41MB zip file with an MPG in it (shouldn’t need any special codecs, it’s straight off my camera) - tell me what you think. I’m assuming the vibrating guage is from the injector pulses, but may be wrong? Was holding it around 1500-2000 rpm.


<edit> around 12 seconds you can see the pressure starting to go all over the place - was holding the throttle steady and the vacuum was off of the FPR at that point.