Fuel filter?

given the following observations:

1)for photographic inaccuracies, the spark plug tip is white as the ceramic.

2)implied i have an Adjustable fuel pressure regulator; psi@Zero mBar. The car is WITHIN spec according to this gauge and i think it’s reasonably accurate.

3)i cannot recall changing the fuel filter during my 3 years of ownership. it was ‘Supposedly’ done when i bought the car; however, i unable to confirm. i dont want to hear about spec intervals, i know it already.
4)i have thrown a code 43 in the past (approx 1.5 years ago), prior to ‘ROM tuning’ and my o2 sensor was a New OEM sensor at the time. i have reasonable suspicion to believe the rom tuning has caused my ECU less likely to throw codes like this. i dont think i am exceeding 85% injector duty cycle
5)my setup isnt too crazy: i would consider it close to a n/a b18c(5) with a few extra mods.
6)230miles per tank (100% street)
7)due to the fact that i have a FPR, the helm’s premise for replacing the filter is invalid since i can ‘adjust’ the pressure to tune spec
8)i dont know if i am at a loss of power (i have no real comparison - i own 2DBs, other is stock). i recently dynoed at near 160whp. i can easily spank type R’s in a straight line the way it runs now. i would like to think i am losing power so that if i replace this stupid thing id pick up more easy power =)
9)85% water temp at times (rare). i usually turn on the heater and itll stay at 50%. i have an automatic radiator (a little bigger i think), mugen thermostat, and no cooling fans at all. running maybe 20% antifreeze with water and waterwetter. the car warms up to 45% instantly within 30 seconds of starting & easy driving.
10)gastank level makes a very noticable difference in power. when the car is under 1/4 tank the car really feels slow as hell (i dont believe the meter is wrong either). at full it feels much more powerful and i feel it degrading realtime as i use up gas. my low end feels like it’s fucked up 0-4000rpms

i believe i will need a new tune after replacing the fuel filter huh? cuz my whole fuel curve will change…shit

dont tell me to just replace to test for $25. i want a more thorough explanation first. im gonna replace it anyway…eventually

i am hypothetically considering a dying fuel pump or clogged PRE filter also. i dont think i need bigger injectors at this point…

54 psi is within spec? looks like your runnin rich as a bish… um, if your fuel goes thru the fuel filter, and you have an old clogged filter, I do think it will effect your fuel rate. Sorry, I got a buzz on, hope this helps a little.

BTW, nice runnin car you have, you mind letting me know what you have? VTEC, no VTEC, built LS? Late

im using the original engine wit some bolt ons. that’s my setup in a nutshell.

stock specs for g2 fuel pressure are 48-54psi @0HgMM. im at the highest stock range due to my mods and tuning (so much for that). Theoretically i am running rich or stoich, but my plug color indicates the opposite (lean).

this post is my HYPOTHESIS that i have “Pressure” within spec, but a possibly clogged filter is preventing sufficient “Volume” of fuel from reaching my engine and causing the lean condition that i believe i am seeing

okay, went to autozone, bought a filter for $20, and changed it this morning. here are my initial observations:

  1. i started the car up without touching the FPR. pressure was approximately HALF the original pressure as shown in my pictures above. therefore the clogged filter was so clogged that it doubled the pressure and probably killed the flow.

  2. car took much longer to warm up.

  3. like whoa i was losing a LOT of power driving on that shitty filter. hahah clogged filters suck.

now to figure out if my mileage will get better. i noticed my car smokes less when i get on the gas. ill check the plugs in a thousand miles or so.

I didn’t see this post earlier but my car doesn’t get warm until I’m almost a mile from home using the OEM thermostat and fan switch.

Nice find on how dirty filters affect performance.

yup time to dyno my car again.

shit i think i need to retune too :bawl: