Fuel pressure questions...

Im running a stock LS motor with I/H/E and a few other bolt ons (no major engine work, or adjusted timing), do you think that I should run a fuel pressure regulator? If so what should I expect out of it, what should the pressure be set at?, and is the b&m fpr a good buy?

well what are the other bolt-ons?
cams-yes get one
bolt on air freshner-no dont get one

you should expect to control ur fuel pressure. if one day ur running lean u can bump up the pressure, if ur running rich one day u can turn down the pressure


no cams yet but i do have a tb ignition stuff, planning on gettin the cams soon, not worth much without major work huh? oh well thanx for the reply tho

if u have the money now and are definately getting cams. i say get it.

but if u dont have money, there isnt any use for it. just wait till u get cams.

if u get weak cams u probably dont need one.

im getting one, cuz i might get a good deal on one. im auto with exhaust and headers and colt cams and did i say i was in a automatic.

b&m and aem are only reputable ones i hear about,


b&m goes on top of stock regulator
aem replaces entire stock regulator

i suggest the b&m cuz we dont have hardcore engine mods. so it should do well enuff


cool thanx for your help