Fuel Pressure Test

How do I test the fuel pressure. I’m sitting here with the Chilton in my lap and all it shows is these guys are using their own test meter. Do I have to buy one from a dealer? I bought one yesterday at O’Reily and it fit almost every car except Honda’s and Toyota’s. Have any references? I asked the guy if they had anything for Honda’s or Acura’s and he said no. They didn’t have nay adapters either. Another question, this thing on the back of my engine fell out. It’s on the block and it’s right next to the oil filter. I think it’s something to do with the PCV or some kind of economy stuff. It makes oil spill out of the car like crazy.


I recently had a similar problem finding a fuel pressure tester that will work on our cars. I ended up just buying the B&M fuel pressure gauge that is permanantly installed on top of the fuel filter. Cost around $30. Looks cool and you can check your fuel pressure any time you want, especially if you plan on getting a FPR later on.

About that other problem you have, if that plug that fell out is just to the left of the oil filter than it is your oil pressure sending unit. If it fell out, oil will spray out and your oil light will come on. If the threads are not damaged, you should be able to screw it back in.