Fuel PSI question...

How much should I increase my Fuel Psi by? I have a performance exhaust and a weapon R intake just installed. We know that those part increase the air flow percentage. Just curious how much more fuel i should give my baby. Just about to install a B&M fuel pressure regulator and gauge set.

Thanks 4 your help.

P.S. And yes i’m gonna install the gauge first and test the exsisting pressure.


i too had this problem of what to put my psi at. i bascially keep my psi to stock specs unless im racing. at this point, i raise the pressure to around 40-45 psi. the more pressure you put into the car the better top end you get, and the less pressure, the more low end. but beware, too low fuel pressure is dangerous, and can cause detonation.


Try upping it by 2 psi.

it really shouldn’t need much. you don’t really NEED to mess with the fuel pressure till you have i/h/e and some cams.

Damn… leave fuel pressure as it is… you really believe that your mods will overtax the stock fuel injection??
I highly doubt it… B20 seems to love the stock B18 ECU and fuel injection… no problem making a lot more power than the B18A… so I’d say leave it, unless you’re really really bored.
Leaner is meaner.


How do u adjust the fuel pressure? i have really bad gas milage and i see white/black smoke when i rev the car at high rpms. please respond

You need an adjustable fuel pressure regulator, such as B&M, AEM to name a few.

If your worried about fuel, get a dyno run with lambda readings. Find out where and if your running lean. You shouldn’t have to turn up fuel just at the track. If your fuel supply is insufficient you want to compensate more permanently. Running lean durring daily driving and running stoich at the track makes no sense at all.