fuel pump different?

wasn’t sure where to post so here goes.

My fuel pump went out on me so i went out and got a replacement but as i was taking mine out i looked at it the replacement and then at mine and noticed they look slightly different? did acura/honda make different fuel pumps for the same years or am i just not seeing an electrical plug on the pump itself? i got the pump out of the same year integra so im confused. on the replacement it has an electrical plug on top of it, i don’t see that plug on mine. the only plug i see is right under the back seat on the tank.

The car that you got the replacment from was not factory, I t must have been replaced at one time. Honda uses the same type fuel pump on all integras, civics and CRX’s. If you do a Ebay search for “Integra fuel pump” a walbro pump should appear. If the pump that you pulled has a black plug like the one in the Ebay photo, it is an after market unit.

im not sure if it’s after market or not, it basicly looks just like mine just the pump is thinner and it grounds with a plug and mine grounds with wires going into the disk that goes over the tank and bolts down. they told me i can just exchange it for the one i need.