Fuel Pump Direct Wire

My fuel pump went out a few days ago so I just replaced my oem fuel pump on my 1990 RS Automatic. Still OEM… Pretty easy but very dirty.

When I had a FC3S Turbo II I direct wired my fuel pump to my battery with a toggle on/off switch. I did this because the people on www.rx7club.com said it would be benificial for my RX7.

What I want to know is, would that also true for the teg? Im mean, I think I feel more power? But I think its more of my mind playing tricks on me.

I tried to Search for a related topic here but no luck. Anyone else direct wired a fuel pump and see any benefits from this?

Thanks in adavance.

like bypassing the relays and direct powering it on with no relays on it and flipping it on, i have my relays bypassed but thats for spray so thy dont overheat…

Yeah exactly. no relays just direct power and a toggle switch to turn it off. I guess I could use a relay to turn it on/off but I wanted also a theft deterrent.

Would this direct power have any benefits?

performance wise i would strongly say no, just cause everyone i know doesnt worry about bypassing, except me, but thats cause spraying overheats the relays… but any other form of FI wont from what i know, and yes, as a security feature then ya, do it so that noone can jack ur ride… thats the only reason, or get some spray and bypass it… and be safe… lol…

I dont think spray would work for my ride right now. Considering I have about 277,000 miles on my stock never rebuilt engine. lol.