fuel pump going?

alright, my car has serious backfiring and hesitation at low rpms up to like 3k…

i just replaced my fuel filter, and for like the first run out with the new fuel filter, it ran fine, no more backfiring, no more hesitation. but now it’s back to it’s old ways, so i’m wondering if it could be the fuel pump. if it is the problem, what is involved in changing the fuel pump? i know it’s located in the gas tank, but i don’t know much more than that.

also, if you think there could be another thing causing this, please inform me. No, i haven’t checked the fuel pressure, so I don’t know how strong it is

Hey man have you tried unplugging your O2 sensor? Unplug it then go for a short ride. If the hesitation is gone it’s your oxygen sensor. If not it very well could be your fuel pump.
I had the same problem awhile ago. I changed the fuel filter, plugs wires, had the throttle body cleaned as well as injectors. It was pissing me off. My car felt like I unplugged a wire or two. In the end it was just the oxygen sensor that was causing the loss of power. Use the search icon up top for posts on oxygen sensors, there’s quite a few people that have had similar problems. Those older posts will you give better info, and also what to look for.:wink:

well i just redid my o2 sensor, so hopefully that isn’t the problem… however, i will solder it, as now it is just crimped on.

so how difficult is it to replace the fuel pump, because it looks like i’m going to be doing it soon, please help!!