fuel pump help

My 93 integra fuel pump went ouT on me recently and I replaced it with a new one. After installing the new one it makes hum and some other weird minimal vibrating clunk noise. Every time when I come to a stop the car would stall. I’ve heard fuel pump hum on normal occasion but never heard it on DA’s especially new one. The car is up to date (tune up). Could it be a bad defective fuel pump or should I be looking into something else?

where did you buy the new fuel pump ?

check your fuel pressure. then check how many amps the pump is drawing. shouldn’t be much more than 3 amps, iirc. it’s probably a defective pump. or you have a restriction

how did you come to the conclusion that the pump was bad? what exactly led to that? be descriptive

oreilly Import Direct Fuel pump

The car would only start on cold but all of sudden it stop at all temp. I tested the fuel pump and couldn’t hear no noise from pump, also there where no fuel coming at fuel filter. I swap out main relay and check all spark before replacing fuel pump. After fuel pump replace the car would start at all times but stalls during coming to a stop and the fuel pump seem to hum and make wired surge noise.

you’re gonna wanna check your fuel pressure. then, if it’s low, check how many amps the pump is drawing. that’s right. time to do some testing. oh and change your fuel filter if you haven’t in a while.

Thanks! Is there a link or how do I go about checking amps on pump and what is the normal fuel pressure on stock integra? What else could be wrong if I happen to get low fuel pressure or amp? fyi i changed the filter when the pump was change.

you’ll need a multimeter to check amps draw. i believe typical pressure should be around 35-42psi. if the pressure is within spec, drive it with the gauge installed. see what the pressure does right before the car stalls. if the pressure drops off before it stalls, your problem is fuel related

im having the same exact problem and cant figure out whats causing it. did you find out what the problem was?

Yes I did. After exchanging the fuel pump for a new one the problem still occur… I did a volt test and everything above and everything cam back good. After all I was done with this crap and sat down to smoke (cig) :slight_smile: I then was thinking to myself I remember the new strainer didn’t have a neck at all compare to the stock oem one. I then knew that was the problem but never got around it until this past Monday. Surely after finding a exact match strainer from auto zone the car runs perfect. Not sure what fuel pump or strainer you’re using but do not use orielly import direct filter or you’ll end up the same problem as I did. Note: there are other brand of strainer out there that have a shorter neck as well. Make sure to get the right one.

Forgot to mention, during my diagnoses the car only stall while at half tank and below. That was simply because the strainer was siting too high. And the pump making weird noises because it was working extra hard to suck fuel.