Fuel pump location

Yes the fuel pump can only be removed by taking the tank out!I replaced the pump and strainer,car still will not run.I am back to electrical! I am not getting any voltage to my fuel pump.Any ideas why?I am sick of looking at this car and not being able to drive it!It has been three weeks since I have driven it.

90 LS Hatchback

If you would use the SEARCH OPTION you would find about 20 posts of mine helping people with similar problems. You just spent $150+ and a shitload of time when it was probably a $0.15 fuse.

Pull the cover off your fuse box under the dash on the drivers side. Look for a fuse called the Alternator Solenoid Valve. Pull it out and replace it. Start your car.

If it’s not that then it’s probably going to be your main fuel relay. $50 from honda/acura. It’s a little black box under your drivers side dash. Probably mounted to the firewall toward the side of the car. It’s just pulls off. Either one of these procedures you can do without breaking a sweat.

This started about six months ago.The plugs were fouling,the car would not start sometimes.I would replace the plugs,and it would run for a couple of weeks.Replace plugs again,car would run for a little longer.I thought the motor was just gone.Then I replaced the plugs again,car would not start.I got someone to push my car with their car at about 50 mph,and it started.Sounds crazy but it worked.Is the relay something that goes over time,or does it just quit working?The car started for about 30 seconds last weekend,hasn’t started since.replaced the igniter,replaced the plugs,timing belt,coil,the starter fuse is good,as well as all of the other fuses.Does the fuel pump relay have 4 connections or 7?I still have no voltage to my fuel pump,but I did’t read any voltage when it started the other day,I have tried everything but a stick of dynamite!!!If you or anyone else has any clues,you can E-mail me directly at MikeK@callisi.com.I thank you in advance for any help that is received.

90 LS Hatchback

The relay is a little black box about the side of your fist. Well, mine anyway. It could go over time, so buy it new and just be safe about it. It’s got a number of little copper connectors on it, maybe 7… I never counted. :slight_smile:

Thanks dude!That helps me determine what I need.I guess the good thing about this is the fact that I have replaced all these parts.I may not have needed them right now,but at least i don’t have to worry about them.