fuel pump relay location

where is the fuel pump relay located and what does it look like (how many wires) Thanks guys and girls

it’s underneath the steering wheel. On the left side it is brown and it is behind a black relay. I have read many people posting about how they had to take of the whole dash in order to change it. I just removed that one panel and finished in like 5 Minutes.

thanks so much you are a life saver G2TEG XSI

All you need is a ratchet, an extention and a nut (I forgot the size), unscrew the bolt both relays will drop grab the brown one. Disconect it and install the new one, putting them back one will be easy with that extension. Good luck:up:

Do keep in mind that this “fuel pump relay” is actualy two relays in one… the first relay provides power to the ECU, fuel injectors and power for the second relay… the second relay is actually the FP relay… it provides power to the fuel pump for 2 seconds when the engine is switched on and continuously when the engine is runnig… and it looks as if the relay is located directed above the brake pedal…