Fuel Relay


I recently purchased an 1990 integra. When I first bought it, the guy coudln’t get it to start.

Not carrying, I still purchased it.
Parked it in my garage and started to check it out.

When I’d turn the key, the engine would turn but nothing would happen.
So I got a buddy to turn the key while I would listen for the fuel pump kicking in. Nothing.
Drop the tank and connected a jumper wire to the bat direct.
Pump kicked in and started to pump gas.
Turn the key and BOOM car started.

Ran a wire to another wire that was hot only when key was at the “Start” position. (Temp fix… Winter was coming and I couldn’t leave it in the garage.)

So, thereore, Pump works, ground is good. Something to do with the relay right?
Should be just a matter of getting a new relay and reconnecting the wire to the relay right?



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