fuel settings on afc?

Hey guys i need some help… heres my setup
mild port and polished head
skunk2 intake manifold
crower 404 cams with springs and retainers
skunk2 cam gears
fields hyper afce

heres the deal… i am tryin to tune this afc… i have it lean on the low rpm and rich up top… i thought the car felt better before i even had this afc… now its blowing white smoke and its puttering at times…

all tuning info would be greatly appreciated…

THANKS in advance

are you using a gauge of any sort while you are tuning this in???

well i have a fields hyper afc… for tuning the fuel… the the cam gears for the cams… today i set everything to zero… this car is blowing soo much white smoke… i dont know where to began… any and all help would mean soo much…

White smoke is coolant…

Maybe your headgasket is blown?