Fuel/Sputtering issues upon starting after a few minutes of sitting???

I’ve had this intermittent problem for the last few months and i’m kind of stomped on what is causing this, my guess is alot of fuel is being dumped just prior to cutting the car off and the car is struggling to ‘get rid of it’ when i turn the car over again? :stare:

Anyway, here is the scenario, say i come home from work, i turn the car off, run upstairs to change clothes to go to the gym, come back down stairs start her up and it’s sputtering to the point of cutting off. I start it back up it’s still sputtering and i give it gas and just start to pull out…by the time i back out of my driveway and put it in first, the sputtering has ceased, completely, and the car runs 100% fine.

Anyone have any ideas on what it is, or have dealt with this?

o2 sensor.

a fouled sensor would cause this issue under the circumstances you are describing. car is warm sits 10-15 minutes then sputters when you go to start it up again… idles rough may even die unless you give it gas or not even want to start at all. Do you have this issue on cold starts as well or only when the car is at operating temps?

just at operating temperatures…i used to have it on cold starts until i did my tune up after timing belt/components replacement. i’ve had the o2 sensor in my back seat for the past 4months at least, just never got it replaced o_0

i posted this up on another forum as well and heatsoak was mentioned…

just change the o2 sensor since u already have it, they can cause a few different problems

bet, will do.

what year is the car? 4 wire o2? or single wire?
i think first, you need to check for codes. always.
if none, i’d want to see a fuel pressure gauge on this and monitor pressure when the problem is occurring. see where you’re at with that

sorry it’s a 90…i already saw the code for teh o2 sensor before, hence why i have it, but never changed it. i havent checked it since it’s doing it because i hate having to pull back teh carpet and count blinks lol…but yea, o2 sensor code i’ve already seen thus far…

disconnect the o2 sensor. see if the sputtering continues.