Fuel Tuck

Has anyone done fuel filter tuck on a DA? i tried searching and Im looking for parts list or diy specifically for DA since their diff from other cars that i found in internet… Its kind of in the way of the jrsc setup…



anyone? pics?

Chasebays and Boltboys inc. sell a kit. It’s cheaper to make your own in the end. I’m ordering my parts some time this week. Basic list of what i’m getting. This list is what is needed as far as I have gathered. But links are not my exact kit I will be putting together

6an Fuel Lines (Not sure on the length yet, I have to measure how I plan to run mine)
6an Hose Ends fittings x3
Hose Ends
6an female to 6an hose 90degree fitting
90 Degree
Whatever brand 6an male Inline Fuel Filter you choose

5an Tube Sleeve and Tube nut (You need a flair tool, harbor freight sells them)

Tube Nut
6an to 5an Reducer.

If you plan to do the fuel pressure return line you can use these depending on your setup. I’m also not sure if these can be used on the fuel line instead the sleeves and flairing.
Clamp Ends

All this was gathered from searching sizes, along with looking at what the chasebays and bolt boyz kits had and recreating it. Going with black fittings is more expensive, the original blue/red with braided stainless seems cheaper. But that’s up to you.

There should for sure be a write up when someone gets down with this.

Looks like the hose im gonna use will be a lot shorter since itll run straight above the throttle body…

So, why cut and reflare?
Cant we just use the existing flare nut for connecting AN fittings…

X2 It’ll be nice if someone does a DIY here…

I’m not 100% on the flaring. I know the bolt boys requires it for their kit. I took my fuel lines off a while back on my project so I don’t remember how everything is, works been too busy for me to go out and take a look. I also read a forum on an EF where he made his own fuel line kit and used the flaring, which is why it’s on my possible parts list. I won’t be ordering till I know if I need it for sure. It’s not expensive, but a few dollars saved is a few dollars spent on another part.

This is a possibility. I’m not 100% sure if the angle is the same. I also don’t know how deep it goes or what size the oem flare nut is. So don’t order this exact one unless you find out what the size is. M12 is too small, I don’t have any m14 die taps or m16’s so I can’t tell right this moment
Fitting Adapter