fujita cai

i am currently running a stock intake w/o with bottom resonator and i’m wondering if it’s worth dropping 150 on a true intake? Obviously it will make more power cause it will be colder air and all but is it really that much of a improvement?

It will make slight gains NOT because of the colder air, but because of the pipe length.

And take the time to search, there are many cold air intake threads and people discussing their gains with them.

i never thought of that, it makes sense i suppose. Isn’t there a rule of thumb like the shorter the pipe the higher in the rpm range the power is made? i.e. cai makes more low end power than short ram.

just get an ebay intake. same difference from name brand intakes…just doesnt come with carb sticker, and the ridiculous price tags.

yeahh that carb number parts over here in cali is a big “got to buy” because fuckin 5 0 will get you for that…