Full Traction bar setup

im looking to buy a full front traction bar setup for my 93 db2. I am aware that they have them for sale on ebay as well, id just rather find them cheaper.

Feel free to send me a text at 215 272 8431 or post here.

for what it’s worth… I have been researching on these as part of my future designs… and this is one part you don’t want to cheap out on.

Either the Innovative or K-Tuned traction setups are going to be what to look for so long as they incorporate the mount for the transmission mount to link up.

Unless the OP has aftermarket mounts and has deleted the front mount all together… But I agree, the K-Tuned bar has been getting awesome.reviews.

check this one out, its an extra $100 for the front tranny mount added but this one looks to be the best built one i’ve seen yet