fuse on battery terminal what is it for

i dont know what its for do i need it, my terminals are shot but i dont want to get autozone replacements baecause they dont have a spot for the fuse or the plug with the wire

Do you have a pic? It sounds to be a wire for an alarm/system cause our stock cable has no fuse on it as far as i know. Have you tried following it to see where it go’s?

searched google and it brought me back to a thread on here that says the plug is for the hazard lights, i want to know because my alt died today and i think my terminals are the problem also im running a civic battery

Again, a picture might help. There is no fuse-holder at the battery terminal (ground or positive) in the stock wiring. As someone else said, sounds like stereo wiring or alarm wiring. Also, running a civic battery doesn’t matter.

I have a 91 and it is for the hazard lights. Dealer said 91 was the only year that had it. Not sure how true that is. They are discontinued and no one in the western U.S. has a replacement. Good Luck.

can you post a pic of this? I think this is why my hazards don’t work because my 91 doesn’t have this on the terminal.

The OP hasn’t been on this thread in a month. Also,its not OEM for our cars to have that little fuse box on the wires,so IDK who told you this. I have my OEM wires still in my car and been around lots of other teg from 90/93 and have only seen one with this box,and he got the wires from auto zone. So this box has nothing to do with the flashers,if the flashers don’t work,check the fuse UNDER dash or hood,or check the flasher relay under where the main relay is. There should be 2 of them,one for blinker and one for flasher.

I do not see a fuse from the batt. post on any wiring diagram, [aldata] and have never seen one unless it was for something added, [alarm/remote start/lights],
There is on “flasher”, [Hazard/Signal Light Relay], if the hazard lights do not work and signal lights do then the problem is either the hazard light fuse or the hazard light switch, a problem with with the hazard lights switch is common when either the hazards or signal lights do not work. 94

my gs had the fuse(small 10) on the terminal as well and deff was there from factory(91 btw)…when i relocated my battery i just wired it to the horn fuse and works great…

Pictures of said oem fuse or it didnt happen.

Lol. My old Integra used to have one of those from the factory. Here is a picture, haters. :stuck_out_tongue:
Oh, and BTW: it was no longer my car when I took this picture

My CRX had one too. (Yes, same engine).

On the da the fuse hold is for the hazard lights fuse for car that have abs so if your car has abs the hazard fuse is on the battery an the abs fuse is in the under hood fuse box.

Very interesting…

I wonder what happened to this on my 91 GS? My hazards never worked…

I’m a little bummed no one picked up on the fact that the Integra I posted a picture of above is a 1st gen. :frowning:

Hey that’s a 1st gen integra. Lol