G2 vs. G3 experts

Does anyone know if the arm rest from a G3 will fit in the G2? It looks similar, but I haven’t tried it.

It fits but it sits pretty far back and the bottom plastic piece is sort of forked and doesn’t fit into the front G2 shofter housing properly. Now, if you could bridge this gap with a custom fitted piece of mdf or fiberglass, etc., you could pull it off. I tried to graft a console from a G3 to a G2 and almost got if perfect but then I gave up because I found one from the G2 option available discounted at a local dealer.

It will work but it needs some modification for sure to look right.



aka neex.

where did u find an armrest as an option for a G2¿ i really miss having an armrest in the center like most cars. but, will the automatic seat belts have to be removed¿
also…will an entire dashboard fit from a G3¿ just wondering cuz i could get the dash from my friends G3, but i am just worried about the a/c connection and stuff, and how i would make everything still work properly.

I don’t know how much you’re willing to spend, but you can order an arm rest from www.ahmotor.com for $107 or from www.acuraautomotiveparts.com for $120. And no you don’t have to do anything to the seat belts, it fits in between them.