G2IC Decal WEEKEND SALE. 33% off!

Visit the G2IC Store (http://store.g2ic.com or the link below the above G2IC logo) for savings on the new inventory of G2IC Decals. All orders will be shipped via USPS first class mail unless you get some clothing too.

i think the checkout process is broke. i go to checkout and i get an error when it tries to transfer to paypal

I had several orders go through already. What is the error you’re getting ?

When I clicked checkout, the page would load and then send me to a webpage unavailable screen. I tried again and it worked. When are you going to get more shirts. I only got 3 last time and I need at least 76 more.

When are they going to be shipped out?

Stickers still available. Want to get one of each colors.

Apologies for the delay. I had 2 multi-day last-minute business trips in the past two weeks so I’m a bit behind schedule. My plan is to process them tonight/Sunday. Thanks for your patience.

And I do clothing drives about once a year. You need to get them while they last. It is very expensive to have stock on hand.

Still have the 1/3rd off stickers? Just looking for one white one.

EDIT: Just Paypalled for one (1) white sticker.


all my stickers showed up safely… thanks neil

Sticker received and mounted. Thanks Neil