G2ic store now open

IN the mail tomorrow:

Nicholas G.
Matthew P.
Raymond D.
Paul P.
Lucas H.

Kayleb B. too

In the mail tomorrow (28Feb)
Cody B.

Received today. Thank you!!

Mailed today Felix G.

Mailing tomorrow: Paul P.

Any updates on the clothing merch? Really looking to grab a few shirts and a zip-up and/or hoodie!

I really appreciate the interest!

I don’t have an update yet because I’m trying to choose between two different print on demand stores. Integration within G2IC doesn’t seem to be easy without considerable investment. So I’m looking for options.

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Mailing tomorrow:
Jeremiah 2K
Nicholas C.

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Count me in for zip up hoodie!

Appreciate all the recent sales of the stickers. I’m about half-way through the print-on-demand shirts. They’re still really expensive and I’m trying out different manufacturers to see if I can get the prices down. I put “Coming in October” on the store page but it is not looking more like November. I got swamped with work the past few weeks and didn’t have time to work the site as much as I would like.

No hurry at all. Appreciate the effort Neil. Am still rocking your old school tshirt and hoodie