G2IC T-shirts, sweatshirts etc. coming soon - NOW AVAILABLE

UPDATE 6 DEC: SITE IS LIVE! https://store.g2ic.com or click the “STORE” icon on the top right of the forum page (desktop).

Now that I’m done with the forum, I will set up a print-on-demand service for G2IC clothing. I hope to get that set up by February. I know a lot of your shirts must be worn/old! :slight_smile:


Would love decals for the DA6 build. Lmk how to get some!

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I definitely need to replace my wormed out hoodie and red shirt lol.

I would be in for some merch this go around as well! Just keep us updated sir!

Hey Sam, do you have Zelle or Venmo?

Exciting and good to hear! I’ve been needing to restock a few! Can’t wait!

Interested in a black hoodie with white G2Ic logo !

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In for some swag drip dapper

Ready to buy

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Oh boy! Definitely gonna pick up a shirt and hoodie when the site or link is live!

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Still rocking the old ones… happy to be able to add some fresh ones to the inventory!

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Looking foward to these

So I finally had some time to work on this because I’m on night shift. I’m pretty close to finishing it up. However, because it is “print on demand”, they are more expensive. It looks like it will be about $25-$30 each shirt, shipped. G2IC will make maybe $3 per shirt. I guess everything is more expensive now anyways.

But the good thing is that you’re not waiting on a bulk order from me anymore. Additionally, you can get the logo on many other items as well. I hope to have everything running by the end of the week. Thanks for your patience.

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I just placed a sample order to check the quality. Things got delayed when trying to integrate the store into site, so after screwing around with that for a few weeks, I gave up on it. Things just aren’t as simple anymore due to all the security features necessary.

The sample order should be delivered to me by 27 Nov. If all goes well, the store will go live that week.

Items for sale right now include: Sweatshirts, T-shirts, Mugs with the G2IC logo.

Thanks again for your patience and support.


I finally got the issue settled with the PO Box with the shipping service (at least I hope so). I’m waiting for the confirmation from Square (store domain) that everything works properly.


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Square has put the store on hold due to a security/fraud issue. I’ll be able to take a look at it when I get home from work today.

This is fixed.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Also wanted to note / complain how expensive things are these days. The earnings per item for these is just $3 per item. But I cannot afford to buy these in bulk and pass savings on to the members – so that’s what I’m stuck with at the moment. :frowning:

I updated the shipping costs of the items after received some data about weight. Depending on where you live, it should show reduced costs.

I was able to consolidate the stickers on the Square site page. You’ll see a redirect page now to the Square site that displays the G2IC items.