g2's on ls webs or blades

does any one here have ls webs or gsr blades on their integras? im thinking about getting blades or webs but cant make up my mind. post some pics!

webs all day… cant wait to get it dropped…


ive had both the ls webs and gsr blades, but i always liked the ls webs over the blades on the DA.

the grey DA above with the gsr blades doesnt look that bad though.

I’d prefer the blades over the LS webs. Had those before I switched to CP-F’s, then PIAA’s, and now Spoon SW388. To me, the blades give the DA a “meaner and fierce” look. Webs look too small… as if they were 14s x_X

its actually the honey beige

I would trade my LS’s for blades in a heartbeat. Acutally had the chance to trade my old enkies for blades but i didnt have money for tires at the time. :frowning:

aren’t webs these:

all those posted previously are LS Mesh…

^^^^you mite be rite^^^^

i dont think ive ever seen those before…

i know people called my rims meshies…mesh…webs…webbies…

so idk

[quote=ez12a;2076945]aren’t webs these:

all those posted previously are ls mesh…[/quote]

these are webs…the ones up there are meshes

my bronze meshies. I like bladez better tho.

Sexy as FUK!!!

See this is why I had to go get me some bladez and re polish them.

Wish I still had them. Some spacers and 195’s and they would have been golden. :bang:

Mine should be on soon hopefully. Have to get them cleared first then there goin on with the 15mm spacer i picked up from rexone and some 205/50s.

man ive been looking for a clean set of meshies or blades since june. no bueno.

anyone selling a clean set or knows someone who is? :angel:

hey sickauoto those bota b miones hit me up lol

Mine- and there for sale :wink: