G3 dash in a G...?

ok howz it goin felllaz… Tha name speaks like my last car before i was smoovsol, car got stolen jus bought an integ last week… already in tha process of frankensteining motor… waitin on ma shotpeened rodz n wat not… but onto tha subject…

gonna be postin an awful lot here, not new ta honda/acuras been swappin engines n wat not for a while… but i am wondering if a 3rd gen integras dash will fit into a 2nd gens interior… speedometer n all that n wat not… ma boy succesfully put an integra dash into a 92 honda civic dx… I am wondering, shouldnt it be easier to swap since there both of tha same chassis…? lets hear wat yall got ta say… thankx again…

it’s actually a different chassis and it’ll take quite a bit of work from what I understand.

off topic: what Sol did you have? do you have any parts from it?

funny u ask i got anything u need lol… just about… tha seats still… bumper… interior peices… speedometer assembly

i got a tenzo R tach wit shift light too that im sellin… its sort of tha indiglo one… it sells for over 200 ill sell that too… let me know donmega123@aol.com AIM also

welcome to the integra club dude. hope we can help you if you have nymore questions. As for the dash switch, I dont ahve the room for something like that, so i cant help, but i’ll do my best to help ya with other things.

I’ve researched this swap also and from what I’ve found it’s not as easy as you would think, but anyhow here’s a link of a member who did successfully finish the swap: