G3 GSR Alternator in G2

Basically, my alternator is on it’s way out. So I’m going to the autoparts store to pick up a replacement while I’m on winter vacation. I have an ls/vtec so I want to go with what the b18c1 uses for amps. From what I’ve seen they use 90w so since my head came from a 94gsr that’s what I want to use. (Plus I have a small sound system to feed.)

I have searched around and I know that they you can put the obd2 alt on an obd1 teg, but you have to have to cut up the plugs. But since I’m obd1 (92teggy) and the 94gsr is obd1 what’s the difference, since from what the replacements are saying the 94gsr has the ELD (Electronic Load Detector)…which I know our Tegs don’t have after pulling a code 20 back when I first did the swap. So is it going to be a problem to use that alternator? Is there just going to be an extra plug?

Thanks in advance

If your bearings are toast then replace the whole thing. If its just that the brushes are worn, replace the brushes with the kit. Holder et al.
A modicum of searching will show you the most recent dialogs have all been about alts.:clap:

Why not just replace it with a new aftermarket alt.?:stare: 94

Why not just replace it with a new aftermarket alt.? 94

That’s the plan, I’m going to the autoparts store to get a new one. I want to have the higher amperage alt. Theres a reason why honda made the gsr with a higher voltage alt, vtec is another “accessory” , plus the sound system. I’m not running anything supper crazy that I need more than factory spec amperage.

Really I just want to find out if the 94-95 GSR Alternator will work considering it has the Electronic Load Detector…which I don’t have.

Quote from one of the companies at Advanced Auto…not looking to buy this brand

90 Amps; INSTALLATION ALERT! This application uses an “Electronic Load Detector” in conjunction with the Electronic Control Unit to regulate alternator output.

That’s what’s confusing me, people are saying you can throw a obd2 alternator on our car(which would still have the ELD), but we have to cut the plugs to fit obd1…I could be wrong but from the way the quote sounds its almost like it needs it to regulate the output???

Looking over the schematic for my 94LS charging system, and a G2 system, it does look like the output of the alt. is controlled by the ELD and the ECM, on the 94-95.
I am not sure there is a way around it.

Most of the upgrade alt. we install come from Ohio Generator… http://www.ohiogen.com/
We use them because they are dependable and reasonably priced and have always been able to get direct fit, [plug and play] units for any car, in just about any size, [amperage] that we have wanted.
Tech support is very good, as is any warranty issues.:whisper: 94

Thanks, That’s what I was worried about