G3 seats in G2, any modifications necessary?

hey guys,
i did a search but got results but not a definite answer to this question.
i just found gsr seats from a g3 in awesome condition. 200 for the set. i want to put them in my g2, but no one can seem to answer my question as to if they will bolt right in.
i read in one of the posts when i did a search that the g3 seats will only bolt up to 3 of the 4 bolts on the g2. Is this true? Has anyone put these seats in and had sucess. I need some help before i drop the money for them and can’t put them in.

i did a search and came up with these answers

  • only 3 bolts fit outta 4
  • seat sits higher than stock DA seats
  • i’ve heard it wobbles if u turn hard enough
  • rear seats DO NOT fit

what i want to know is, is it possible to modify the g3 seats and put g2 rails on the seats to make it fit?

My bro is going to basz racing tonight in cincy to get his engine. i have the gsr seats i spoke of in the first post on hold there. i am going to have him ask the owner, tim, if they will be able to fit properly/safely if they make a custom bracket. They do it, but i heard it costs an arm and a leg. i’ll get the specifics so i can tell you guys how to get it done.

did u get a chance to see how much custom brackets would cost?

Originally posted by tushai
did u get a chance to see how much custom brackets would cost?

no idea but make them yourself… i did for my del sol seats…