GA: Tein Super Street coilovers

Since someone decided to not do his research and get butthurt over my posting, these coilovers are specific to a DA but will fit the DC/EG chassis with the use of front DA forks.

Had these for a while and threw them on my wife’s Integra for a moment but they are for sale. Maybe 500 miles on them at most. They have pillow ball mounts from Tein on them. Height adjustment or dampening has not been touched. I am changing up my setup so these need to go. Located in Atlanta. Will fit all Integras 90-01 and Civics 90-00.

$1200 obro plus stock DC Integra pieces.

MSRP is $1400. Lowest I will take is $1k plus factory DC suspension. Need these gone.

Still available

If these are for a DC integra , they wont fit a 90-93 Integra.

^^^ yes they’ll will if he’s including the eg/dc2 front forks :wink:

They are for a DA.

That’s good, but they wont fit a DC Integra or Civic then. Only 90-93 integra. Someone is going to be really pissed off if they buy these from you and they read the part where you say its for a DC integra/Civic and they get the size meant for only a 90-93 Integra.

^they will fit dc/eg with the use of front forks from either a da/ef…im speaking from personal experience…dont believe just search…theyll also fit ek civics with the use of washers on the rear shocks…please stop giving false information…forums are already flooded with lots of wrong info

I didnt advertise them to a specific model. Since I posted it on G2IC, I kinda figured people would understand that they are for a DA. However, to debunk your theory of them not fitting a DC, allow me to post a couple of pics for your mind to see.

As you can see, they fit. In the first pic, you can just barely see the lower shock body on the driver’s side. In the other pics, you can see the rear of the car sits higher than the front. The reason for this is the entire shock body of a DA specific coilover is overall taller than that of its DC counterpart. I have not adjusted the ride height. I am not completely sure of the suspension that was on my wife’s car when I got it but the front forks that were on her car fit my coilovers. I also compared those forks to the pair I have in my garage that I know are for a DA and they were the same. So either the front forks are the same or her car came with DA suspension in the front.

Regardless, yes they fit a DC and with that said they will also fit an EG. Do your research before telling someone they are wrong.

To anyone who buys these with intentions on putting them on your EG or DC, the only downside to the rear is the diminished ride height. Because the shock body in the rear is taller than what it should be for a DC so don’t look to slam your car with these.

red93, I edited the original post to make you happy.

I love Tein coilovers!!! My set lasted me for over 7 years! Still not blown and no rust lol

I do too. If nobody buys them I will order new springs and have these revalved.