Gallon Smashing

If you guys haven’t seen this yet, it f*cking hilarious.


Annoying prick.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t find destroying other people’s property and wasting their resources in order to gain subscribers on a youtube channel very funny.

[QUOTE=IntegraVSR;2287942]Annoying prick.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t find destroying other people’s property and wasting their resources in order to gain subscribers on a youtube channel very funny.[/QUOTE]


The movie Idiocracy is happening, slowly but surely. I would charge these bastards with shoplifting and have them arrested. Ridiculous.

that is retarded.

i think this is funny though:

hahaha silly cops…

thats not funny. thats fucking retarded. kids these days have no respect. someone will have to clean that mess up. someone could slip and fall. too bad it wasnt the kid.

too bad he didn’t slip and fall right onto someone’s hand around his worthless oxygen-stealing throat.

i propose a new internet phenomenon…larynx smashing. we go around, find people destroying other people’s property, and smash their larynx.

it’ll be fucking hilarious…and improve society at the same time. who’s in?

this guy!

funniest shit ive seen so far LMAO ROFL if you cant even chuckle at this then something is wrong. i know destroying property etc, but it’s still funny.

cool. we’ll send someone by to smash in all the windows on your car, video it, and put it up on youtube, so we can all post it on this site and laugh our asses off.


i love reading this guys posts… its always everybody else and not him… got that military dick too far up his ass to see the funny side of life…

lol the original youtube kids got so much flak that this video isnt on their channel anymore (but it is rehosted by other people now).


^ that’s some good clean fun lol. At least both parties get a laugh out of it.

maybe it has more to do with the fact i actually own property (how’s mom’s basement?) and work hard in order to have it…so if someone came along and thought it was funny to destroy it, i’d be more than a little pissed. when you get old enough to move out of your parents’ house and if you can ever afford anything other than renting, you might understand.

lol how typical… i own my own home pal and i didnt need the military to help either… hows momma SAM been to you lately??

i get to travel the world and kill people on your dime. works for me. :up:

Saw a bunch of little preteen fucks attempting to do this at a store with all weather wall to wall carpeting. I shot them a look gave them the cut sign and calmly walked over to customer service and informed them of the little fuck’s intentions. I told the manager that id gladly wait for the police to give a statement if and when the little pricks damaged the milk. The pricks bolted out the door.

killing people is ok compared to smashing gallons of milk? oh ok!

i dont see this video as funny, what so ever either BTW

killing people who think flying planes into buildings is okay simply because some asshole’s family member was killed in an american plane crash, yeah i’m okay with that.

or so thats what they tell you lil gullable guppies lol. in reality its all about money and power for the government not about helping anybody. Its koo its on my dime… someones gotta pay for the welfare people and the people like you whos only test you ever were proud of was the fucking asvab…

Liability and damages aside…it’s just not funny. Kids these days try way too hard.