Gas flowing out my intake, please help

First off let me start by saying been using this forum for a long time for tips and advice, it’s been great.
Now my issue with my 93 integra is, the other day I was driving to put gas in it. About 50 feet from pulling up to the gas station, my right side signal light came on, car began to stall pulled up to the pump then shut off. I had ¼ of a tank of gas. I don’t let my car go to empty or the gas light turn on, ever.
Anyways, I put $12 of gas in it my right side signal light goes back on. The car is shut off then I try to start it. It’s a no go. So I push it to the side getting away from the pumps. I sit back in my car, to give it another shot at turning it on, When I smell gas. I run out and see if anything is leaking from the tank, nothing I pop my hood open, a strong smell of gas hit me, then notice gas coming out the intake. I quickly disconnect the battery. I left it alone. I called for a tow. Car is at my house now.
So now when I connect the battery and the car is off. The right side signal light stays on and gas keeps coming out from my intake, I checked fuel pressure, and it’s at (33psi). I changed fuel pressure regulator. I took gas out from my #1 piston because it was full and it overflowed to my throttle.
My question is what wires do I begin to look at cause I know this is an electrical issue. So before i try to start the car, with new spark plugs and oil, i want this issue fixed.
Any advice is much appreciated, its my daily driver. I need this fix this soon. Thanks