Gas Gauge is not working, help!

we installed an amp in my car the other day, and after we were done my gas gauge wasn’t working. it’s not a fuse, i checked both the fuse boxes and all other electronics work. my doors beep, all interior lights work, dashlight’s are all good.

All we did was run power from the battery back to the trunk, and we made a ground. I’m thinking it must be the ground we made, we screwed like a 3/4" #8 screw into the body, right behind the rear seat. is it possible that I hit a wire?

I’d have to be the unluckiest guy alive…

k, the gas light came on today, so it’s just the gauge tht isn’t working

need a new gas gauge… i got one for sale $15 shipped let me kno… thx

but how?? why?? what did I do that would ruin my gas gauge?

come on guys…

hey twin54,

I’ll try to get you’re dad some pics of the area where I placed the screw so he can see exactly, and I’m gonna try taking off my back seat, until then here’s the info he asked for.

1990 GS Sedan
Drilled a 3/4" screw into the trunk floor, about 4 inches behind the rear seat, passenger side.

Is it possible that I cut the fuel meter wire with the screw, while not harming the fuel light wire?? If so, how would I ever get in there to repair the wire?