Gas Leak from Gas Tank

1991 DA Integra

I’ve got a gas leak from the back end of my gas tank under the car. It’s a slow trickle, but a gas leak nonetheless and thats a huge fucking problem.

I need to know if anyone else has had this issue and what they did to fix it.

I also need to know probable causes, and how many lines go in and out of the tank, seeing as I suspect its not the tank to begin with

I appreciate the help

i gota tank if u want bbut ur far so idk

best thing u can do is inspect the leak. not much we can do to help u online. just find the leak let us know and we’ll go from there

and you can already tell its not from the drain plug? it might need a new washer. i recently replaced mine… i used a torque wrench to ensure that it was tight enough but not to overtighten to fuk up the tank… 36 lbs i believe

Hi guys have the same problem don’t mean to thread jack but i was able to find it by grabbing a rag and rubbing off where the drip was. After I did that the pinholes started allowing fuel to flow out. After emptying the tank i sanded it and that one whole became 3 tiny ones. Now I’m debating I don’t really want to drop the tank afraid of getting other leaks from the lines not something I want to deal with in the cold. I did find some like clay thing at autozone that supposedly would plug up the holes. Any recommondations or should I just bite the bullet and buy a new tank?

well i fixed it

just to summarize:

the actual leak itself was from the gas tank. it was rusted along a seam, so i dropped it and had a new tank sent to me. while it was dropped i replaced all the lines and hoses and acquired new bolts too. problem solved.

replacing all these fuel components also solved another problem i had with the car bogging randomly while in gear under load. i supposed air was getting in the lines or it wasn’t getting enough fuel. either way, two birds with one stone.

thanks for the help everybody, it was a pretty simple task, just time consuming.

hope you replaced that old fuel pump while you where at it.