gas light not working

so my gas light on the cluster does not turn on and i tried switching the bulbs but no luck. i tried a led bulb and it stays on constant. can it be like that because i have leds for my cluster.

What do you mean “gas light”?

Gas gauge illumination, or low fuel warning light?

If you mean the low fuel warning light, then yes, it is either because of the LED or a bad low fuel sending unit, [thermister] or possibly a short on the lead running from the low fuel sending unit and the warning light.

To test, install a normal bulb for the warning light. 94

Check the back of the fuel gauge. I had the same problem and it turned out that one of the metal wire looking things was touching the magnet or another piece of metal.

yeah i dont see why it stays on permanently with an led light and stays off permanently with a regular bulb.