Gas tank removal

So the two straps, or whatever they are, supporting the gas tank are pretty much destroyed by rust. the bolts no longer had their shape and were seized. and i couldn’t even see threads on the stud. So my question is should i cut them off and go to the junkyard for a replacement?

Gasoline is heavier than air, sounds like you confirmed you own need.

yea i’m just wondering if theres another way im not seeing. I’m trying to put in my xenocron fuel pump.

As far as I know, there isnt another way. For some reason we didnt get the luxury of the hole under the rear seats.


:werd: i know whats up with that?

i’m starting to get sick of these junkyard trips haha

New straps/bolts from the dealer shouldnt be too pricey…any junkyard car is probably going to be worse than the car you are taking the straps off of!

all i did when i had to replace mine was very carefully cut an access panel to get to the pump. Its so much easier

i actually already picked some up from a 93 that had just got there and actually they were in a lot better condition, just a bit dirty. although your probably right.

can you explain a little more? like, you cut the panel with the 3 screws under the back seat? how much did you have to cut? and then there would be a hole under the backseat. even though i dont have them…

i think he cut a hole on the drivers side of the backseat location, since that’s where the pump is, i thought about doing that myself, but never got to it yet…

hmm thats interesting, i would probably consider this if i had some back seats to cover up the hole. and my gas tank is pretty much already dropped. I’m having a hard time disconnecting all these hoses. And how far do i have to drop it to access the pump? all the way?

yes take it all the way out of the car it will be much easier to change the pump

i just did one on a 91 civic hatch and its pretty much the same