gauge light disco

hahahaha…sorry, i found this humorous. last night my car ran fine…it was raining but everything was fine. everything was fine after driving it 5 minutes on my way to work. my head unit started turning on and off…with the in-dash clock. then i tried using the cigarette lighter. the clock was blinking, the open door light,e brake light,and open hatch light was all blinking. i pulled off the face plate and it went back to normal until i used my turn signal, then i had a freakin disco inside my car.

can anybody explain what the hell could be the cause of that?

well…radio, clock and cig lighter are usually a result of bad ignition wires…a 60.00 fix

you can kind of tell if you turn your key in the ignition and it doesn’t turn over immediately, but takes a half a second to start

ignition is fine…it starts right up as per usual…lol.

haha, thats weird…

Id was going to take the interior light switch and hook it to a relay and set it up so that when it turns over the relay kicks in and switches to the stereo speaker line as a +… LOL Then you can hit the switch inbetween that and the speaker line to initiate it… and all the interior lights go to the music beat!

Its kind of interesting to do, and specially if you got some additional lighting in there… good for show use!

[QUOTE=Dawminatrix;1763073]well…radio, clock and cig lighter are usually a result of bad ignition wires…a 60.00 fix

I doubt it in this case…
It’s possible that it’s something in your charging system. Battery, alternator or ground wires. You probably had enough juice to get the car started but it crapped out (causing the disco) because it wasn’t getting charged fast enough if at all.

I was having similar issues earlier this year with my head unit. Turned out the alternator wasn’t putting out enough. I’d end up draining the battery if I idled the car too long (getting stuck in traffic) and over time I ended up ruining a 2 year old Optima red top.