gauge light VERY dim

I had my car stripped and the bloody f’in thieves tried to get my
white face gauges out but failed. It looks like they must have pulled a wire loose or knocked something around because the light I get behind my gauges is VERY dim and I cannot see my gauges at night anymore. Anyone know what might cause this and also can I go buy a different color bulb for behind my gauges instead of plain ol piss yellow color ?

On the back of your cluster is a couple of bulbs that could need replacing. They are just screwed in with no wires coming out (uses the wiring on the back). If all of them are out, you may have other problems with how the lights determine if they should be on. Like the sense wire is messed up.


thanks for the reply! Do you know offhand where to get say blue bulbs instead of the boring old white bulbs?

I don’t know where you can get the colored ones, but I remeber reading somewhere about dipping your original ones. Don’t know how good it will look coming through the white, but it is worth a shot!