GC coilover sleeve spins when turning ring

I did a quick search and haven’t found anything, and I will be calling GC. But until then…
I’m installing the frount. I put the cut plastic(rubber) sleeve around the shaft of the shock and place an o-ring above(as the GC picture shows, I am using KYB-GR2’s and I specified that when ordered). I place the GC sleeve over the shock(and o-riing and cut rubber sleeve). It fits snugly, but not too tight. When I but the coil and top hat on, and then turn the adjustment ring, the complete GC sleeve turns with it. And this is off the car. I figure on the car may be worse because of the pressure on the adjustment ring.

ANyone have this issue?

did you try loosening the adjustment nut on the ring? try holding the threaded portion of the gc while turning the gold ring, maybe it’s just stuck.

The ring can turn, that is ok. But as soon as the ring is high enough to where the spring starts to compress, the sleeve turns with it. The sleeve is not tight enough around the shaft of the shock.
My old Matrix coil-overs had the o-rings plus three tiny allen-key screws at the top of the sleve. These screws were used to center the sleeve and to keep it from moving.
On the GC, it is only the rubber that puts pressure on the sleeve to keep it from moving.
I tried putting the cut rubber sleeve over the thinner o-rings provided, but there is no way the GC sleeve will fit over this. This is how they describe doing it for the back shocks.
I did try loosening the allen-bolt, same result.

Take the spring/shock off.


I have the same problem. What I do is take off the top lock nut in the engine bay, raise up the front high enough for the shock and sping to lower to a relaxed state. Adjust the ride height and lower the car back down on the springs. Mount the nuts back to the shock mount. Drive the car to “settle” the car and see what you got.

Good luck.

So it seems to be an issue that GC has with at least the KYB-GR2, is this what you have?

Yeah it looks like this is what I’ll do. I’m sure the backs will be fine, becuase ususally there is no pressure on the spring when the back is raised.

take the spring off, spin it as high as you need it, then compress the spring back onto it with a spring compressor and tighten it down

That is crap if that is the solution. Go and borrow(or buy one since I would need it so much) a spring compressor, scratch up the springs everytime I want to adjust them.

dk91ls solution is livable. Right now I adjusted one to where I thought it was ok, it was, so did the other about the same. It’s right at the point that I don’t need a spring compressor to put it all back together, just alot of force with my hand and foot on the top hat. I like the two finger gap look.

Thanks for the replies. I’m surprised more people haven’t asked about this.

ad eletrical tape over orings to make it EXTRA snug

I have gc’s and don’t have that problem, and my springs are full on compressed, and i can still turn the ring fine without it spinning.