gears grind!!!

sometimes when i go into reverse or first gear, it grinds. this of course with peddle all the way down . Could this be because of cheap tranny fluid or lack off? Also sometimes the clutch pedal
rattles and pops what could this be? any info will be appreciated.

A simple quick search will answer all of your questions, but here are some things that it could be.

Lack of fluid, try using honda MTF or GM syncromesh
Syncros blown becasue the tranny is old or you dont shift right
Clutch out of adjustment, seach how to adjust.

thanks for the info. i think i’ll try the honda mtf, or gm snycromesh. It’s supposed to be a rebuilt one, rebuilt with new stuff, and the clutch has being adjusted. Last but now least i know it aint me because i been driving stick since i was 14. thanks again for the info

also for got to mention it smells like buring tranny fluid or something. Iknow it’s the same smell when i blow my last tranny