Getting a 93 Integra

Ok I went to look at this 92 Acura Integra. Well I was wondering how do I tell if it is a RS, LS, GSR, etc. I looked on the back and it didnt say. So where do i look to find out. Or can u just tell me What the GSR has that the RS, LS and others dont… plz reply, thanks.:burnout:

hmm not sure but check the engine. this is what it says in my helms for 92. u can also just go get the vin # checked. sample…
JH4 = honda motor co.
DA9 = DA9: integra 3D hatchback 1800
DB1: integra 4D sedan 1800
DB2: integra 3D hatchback 1700
3 = 3: 3 door 5 speed manual
4: 3 door 4 speed auto
5: 4 door 5 speed manual
6: 4 door 4 speed auto
4= 4: RS
5: LS
6: GS
7: GS with leather seats and steering wheel cover
8: GSR 3 door only
*= check digit
N= 1992
S= suzuka factory
000001= serial number