Getting a Code 4, Code 8, and CEL, car keeps stalling

something’s wrong with my car, it’s throwing code 4, and code 8, crankshaft position sensor and top-dead center sensor,

when I’ve been driving for longer than 15 minutes the CEL will come on, then within 5-10minutes of that the engine will cut out, sputter, backfire, rpm’s jump around and I have no acceleration. If i turn the key off then back on the CEL will go away for a few minutes but eventually will come back, and then withing 5-10minutes it will do the dying trick again.

this only happens when it’s warm, when the engine is heat soaked, like after at least 20minutes of driving.

i’ve searched these codes, it’s obviously a problem with my distributor, but I just had a new complete distributor installed less than a year ago, is there anyways I can check/replace these sensors?

TDC and Crankshaft sensors, can I check em and replace them??

Check your timing.

Those are bad codes to throw.

i’ve got a code 4 in my engine too but my car run fine for now. Someone told me (it is an hypotesis) that maybe there are metal sensor at the end of the crank that knows when the crank is a little sideway (bearings heavy wear) and it then tells you “hey, im goin bad you know, take car of me”. taking out the crankshaft is a damn hard job… ill try to get more info from the dealer before… :mad:

This could be completely wrong but isn’t the top dead center sensor inside or something having to do with the distributor?

ill chek my timing as soon as i can… may be the cause of bad gas mileage…

my timing is solid at 18degrees, it runs perfectly when cold, not like it would if the base timing was off.

It goes into the shop on monday, good news is that the Dizzy i had installed 9months ago is still under warantee, i just hope that’s the problem…

loose wire inside the distributor…codes gone, problem solved


I didn’t see this post earlier, but I would have suggested that you take a look @ the distributor since that is where those sensors are located.