Getting a rust free shell. How to prevent rust properly.

I should be picking up a rust free shell this weekend and I want to hear peoples thoughts on how to keep it from rusting the rear quarters and rockers. I was thinking it would probably be along the lines of ripping the interior out so I can gain access to the back of the body panels through holes in the interior sheet metal. I’m thinking I should clean them first to help adhesion with something like carb cleaner or alcohol ect then coat them with maybe primer sealer??? Then a nice coat of rubber undercoat??? I here alot about por 10 but don’t know to much about it or where to get it. I don’t want this thing to start rusting after 1 or 2 winters. Any help is appreciated.

Don’t drive it during the winter and if you do, clean it alot! You could use por 15 on the undercarige and wheel wells but that would mean you will have to remove all of the old stuff. I’ve personally never used that, I just constantly cleaned my car and never had a rust problem.

There’s no por 10, don’t know who told you that. And you will need a wirewheel to remove the old material before using por 15. You can purchase it at

My bad, I meant por 15. That sounds like a no go since I’m not gonna be able to reach the back of the wheel wells. I heard from some people that putting rubber undercoat on anything is usually a bad idea because it holds water under it or something of that nature??? Would a quality primer sealer do anything?

You’d still need to scuff/sand/remove the old stuff before spraying a primer/sealer, or else it won’t adhere.

Por15/Rust Bullet make great products, as long as they’re used correctly they’ll protect your car from corrosion.

Your best bet is to clean the car a lot as hb420 said… the longer you let the snow/ice/salt/road grime stay on your car, the more quickly it will rust.

If there currently is no rust, you should be ok. If there is rust already, its going to be a long-fought battle to keep it from growing.