Getting overcharged?

Hmm so I went to Sears to get an alignment because my steering wheel was crooked when going straight, other than that it drove good didnt pull or anything. Well the guy there said Rack and Pinion leaking, all Struts weak rebound, and Right CV joint boot torn and leaking. He gave me an estimate of $811.94 for parts and $525.99 for labor, is that about right for all of this? This is my first car and im broke, so I’m not sure if its right. Or would I be better off buying the parts somewhere else and finding another place to install them for me?

for the steering wheel… just straighten your wheels and take off the steering wheel and put back on straight. ( or thats what i would do :shrug: ) for rack and pinion just take out your PS ( it’s not that bad :slight_smile: ) for the struts just buy some new ones and DIY… and for the boot just buy a replacement one and DIY. :slight_smile: i would never spend $1300 on all that unless i really wanted to keep PS and was too lazy to do the other labor. HTH

  • and i wouldn’t go to sears for an alignment. although thats where i went the first time :frowning: they try to tell you that they can’t do the alignment for stupid reasons and if your car is lowered they wont do it. or at least at my local sears