Getting the OEM lip? Check the splash guards after it's on.

I paid $200 for the JDP lip. Then I paid Fred Guy’s Auto Body to install and paint the lip and front bumper. Unfortunately, they didn’t attach all the nylon rivets to the splash shield (like the factory did). Imagine my surprise when I found out that the front of the splash shield flipped down at freeway speed and scraped on the pavement (also had the car lowered, which didn’t help). So I bought new splash shields and drilled and attached rivets to them. It’s the biggest PIA that I’ve had with the car. :bang:

Advice: adding a lip looks cool, but check the clowns who do the work and make sure that the splash shield is attached to it.

i work in a shop and we always get people that want us to install lips on their cars. its pretty easy, i dont have to take anything apart though, usually just 4 self tapping screws and some 3m tape. shit, its so easy you should be able to do it yourself imo

///Nick what shop do you work in ? i see your in fed way im downtown kent

can you post pics of what youre talkin about? im about to install a JDP lip and want to make sure it doesnt fall off.

the lip didnt fall off, the splash guard got caught under the car and probably tore it off or wore it out really bad.

ooh… i thought they messed up your lip…

I threw my splashguards away a long time ago… haha